How to keep your wooden furniture termite free

August 03, 2012  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Furniture

Tips to maintain wooden furniture, furniture maintenanceCleanliness is next to godliness- this saying is very true. If your surroundings are clean and neat, you will find it easier to feel blissful and at peace with your life. Termites are a big problem in many houses. They attack any wooden items and weaken them from within by turning it into dust. Long term termite attack might also lead to severe damage to the house itself. That is why proper inspection and cleaning should be done regularly.

Ask an exterminator to do a complete sweep of the house depending upon the extent of termite infestation, the solution will be fixed. If the extent of damage is too large you might even have to shift somewhere else for a day or due to the chemicals and gaseous substances that might be used to kill the termites and clean up the place. After the termites are killed, ask a health inspector to check for further issues. Once that’s settled, start with the repair work. Replace any weak wooden items or floorings if needed.

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