Using a few basic tools you can mount your flat-screen to the wall.


1. A wall mounting kit that fits your flat-screen television should be purchased. Most kits consist of two brackets and all the hardware you require.

2. The TV bracket should be attached to the back of your flat-screen television and connected to the mounting holes on the back of the television using screws.

3. The position of the flat-screen on your wall should be decided, keeping in mind that the middle of the flat-screen should be at roughly eye-level. The center of the stud behind the wall should be located.

4. The wall mounting bracket should be held up to the stud, the level of the bracket should be checked both horizontally and vertically. Using a ratchet and socket the bolts should be turned through the wall and into the stud.

5. The flat-screen TV should be attached to the wall mount. The mount you previously attached to the back of the television should be connected to the mount on the wall.