A fireplace consists of poker, broom, shovel, stand, tongs etc. So instead of buying the tools individually, you can buy the entire set at a time as then the tools will match perfectly.

If you are frequently using the fireplace then you must opt for a set with bigger shovel and brooms with sturdier bristles as then it will function more effectively. In case of gas fireplace, you can use a small set for decoration purposes. Taking the style into account iron and brass are the two materials used to make the set. Iron is more often used nowadays while brass is used to give a more formal and traditional look. However brass sets are said to be more long lasting. To get a much more modern look you can use black brushed nickel or silver sets. The sets made of solid brass are said to be priciest because of their varied color and glossy polish. Copper sets give a native touch. Make sure you choose a set that matches your décor and budget.