Your home’s bathroom is the place which should always be neat, clean and well arranged. If you have a bathroom which is dingy, have leaking pipes and de-coloring walls, then maybe its time for a renovation. First of all, you need to check what kind of repairs you need in the bathroom and depending upon that, you should select the items required for the renovation. If you’re planning to change the tiles, go for tiles which look bright and give the bathroom an edgy look. White ceramic tiles are traditional but there’s nothing wrong in bringing in some contemporary styles in shades of red, black or even green.

You should make sure that there’s at least one vanity cabinet and several closets or cabinets to store your cosmetics, toiletries and towels. The lighting is also very important. Have one right light over the vanity cabinet and go for softer lighting for the rest of the bathroom for a serene feel. Have room fresheners to keep the bathroom fresh at all times. Also an exhaust fan is a must have to get rid of the dampness.