Bamboo plants are one of the most sought after choices when it comes to indoor plants. These are ornamental and a perfect fit for your classy décor. Have you too got bamboo plants to beautify and freshen up your living space? Well, that’s good but make sure to follow proper maintenance tips here. The article here is a short note on how to care for your indoor bamboo.

First of all, you must be right with the potting. Embed the plant in a sturdy pot filled with a soli mixture involving clay, pebbles and rock. This particular soil mixture ensures proper drainage which is important as otherwise saturated water can damage the bamboo roots. The pot should be spacious enough so that the plant gets its desired freedom to grow properly. The rule of the thumb is to keep minimum 2” space in between edge of root ball & side of your container. Get pots with hole underneath assuring smooth drainage. Bamboo plants prefer rich well drained soil.

Then, yes, bamboo plants need solid watering, especially when you are keeping it indoors. Actually the soil tends to dry up at great pace while kept indoors. Whenever you see the leaves coiling it signifies the plant seeks water. Misting is also essential when it comes to indoor bamboo plants. Bamboo is used to the hot and humid climate and hence added to watering, you have to feed the plant water sprays every now and then to keep it all moist.

You must know that bamboo plants require both sunlight and shade. Thus, don’t place them under broad sunlight- the tip is to set the pot where it can get partial sunlight and shade as well, at the same time. Last but not the least, your bamboo needs chicken manure regularly in little quantities.