People want new technology as per the changing time and many technologies have also emerged which have fulfilled the expectations of people. Firstly it was only wood or metal roofing prevailing in the market of construction of roofing but now there are many other methods such as asphalt roofing, fiberglass roofing, steel roofing which have took its stand in constructing the roof. One of the most fascinating and attractive method of roofing is fiberglass roofing method. This method is easy to install and can be attested to roof. The roofing contractor helps the homeowners to concrete their decision regarding this roofing method. Fiberglass roofing is new method to insulate in your roofing. The fiberglass is structured from a slim glass fiber including silica which is blend together to make it strong. There are many advantages of fiberglass roofing but there are also disadvantages which the homeowner must keep into consideration before installing it into their roof.


  1. The main phenomenon behind using fiberglass roofing is its versatile structures and different colors and styles. Simple fiberglass roofing sheets are also available but homeowners like to install it because of it upgraded look which consists of fascinating colors and designs on it which gives a different look to your roof.
  2. Fiberglass roofing is fire resistant in nature. It helps in protecting the house from wind, rainfall, storm, etc. There are less possibility water drainage and leakage if maintained in a proper manner.
  3. Fiberglass roofing is light in weight as compared to other roofing methods. As metal roof and wood roof are weighted but fiberglass roof is light in nature and with different and fascinating styles on it.
  4. It has longer life period in cool weathers so it is preferable to install it in the cooler region places.
  5. The materials which are used in preparing the fiberglass roof are less expensive and are easily available in the market so its installation cost is less as compared to other roofing method, it is easy to fix it and saves time of the roofing contractor installing it.


  1. While installing fiberglass roofing the roofing contractor must nail is properly with proper negligence so that it does not gets damaged because it is not metal or wood, it is made of glass, so proper installation of fiberglass roofing is important because if not installed properly than it can damage the home.
  2. Maintenance of fiberglass roofing is not easy because it will need proper guidance and appropriate materials to fill in the cracks which had occurred due to any unwanted weather. The life of fiberglass roofing is not more than thirty years because they are made up of glass elements.
  3. Air exchange issues are noticed after installing fiberglass roofing in your home because ventilation is important for every home and due to its glass structure it is not easily possible of ventile region to exchange the spoiled air to the pure air.
  4. As this roof comes in cutted and shaped sheets so manual cutting is also required for more better and enhanced look of the roof where it is been installed.