A ledger is to be installed on top of a block wall before you can attach the roof trusses to it.


1. The width of the block and the length of the wall are measured.

2. The board is measured and cut for the length of ledger for the wall.

3. A mark is made 1 ½ inches inward from the end of the board and a line is snapped. This is repeated on the other opposite edge.

4. Along the length of the chalk lines marks are made every 12 inches with the pencil and pilot holes are drilled on each mark.

5. The ledges are set on top of the block wall and drilled into the block through the pilot holes.

6. The ledger is secured by driving a 3 1/2-inch concrete screw into the block.

7. After marking the location of the roof trusses, they are set and secured with a joist hanger using the hammer and nails.

This step is repeated to attach the remaining trusses.