On PC, it’s easy to get ripped off by Steam, GOG or Origin. The offers are tempting, and the promos are regular. However, there are a lot of free games that will have no trouble keeping you busy a few tens to hundreds of hours (the thousands of hours is possible for the most relentless of you). In addition to keeping your hand out of your wallet, these games offer you the ability to spend money, only if you wish. In addition to supporting the developers, you can acquire small extras, usually in the form of weapons skins or characters or exp bonuses and virtual currency. This is not a Pay to Win but a Pay to Fast, nuance. Anyway, here is a nice collection of free games that will have the merit of keeping you busy for a while without spending a penny.

Keep in mind that the games presented below consist of only a small selection of popular games available to play without making a hole in your wallet. However, for a broader perspective of the gaming landscape, you should know that Top10casinos.com evaluates and rates free games and can serve as a valuable resource for staying tuned to the latest trends and opportunities. Check out the reviews and see which games match your gaming style but do not come with a significant price tag attached to the experience. Now let’s get back to the breakdown of the most popular games deserving your attention.

League of Legends

The most played title in the World, League of Legends will enter its eighth year at the end of October 2017. The principle is simple: two teams of five players fight each other and must succeed in destroying the enemy base. However, it will take you a few good hours of learning before you can make a place for yourself in the world of LoL. Some of them have been anchored there for a few years and will not pity to crush you during a game. Anyway, good luck in the caller’s Rift.






Dota 2

Following, in some ways, the game that launched the era of MOBAs, Dota 2 is the title around which orbits the most significant competitive rewards of the planet. Also, five players face five other players, each playing a champion and aim to destroy the opposing side. Once this is done, the game is won, and the pill is much easier to swallow if you are one of the winners. In its gameplay, Dota 2 is rawer than League of Legends, more difficult to handle. However, the mechanics are the same as for the MOBAs, on this, nothing changes.





World of Tanks

Exit the MOBAs, World of Tanks and its small bunch of tanks of all kinds. As you know, World of Tanks is also derived into World of Warships and World Of Warplanes. Depending on your preferences between Earth, Sky, and sea, take control of different vehicles and massacre the enemy squads. In these games, no quarter. Simple, clear, and precise, these F2P will only ask you one thing, to aim well.






Eve Online

This time, we’re going straight out of Earth and into space. In Eve Online, you take control of a spaceship and do whatever you want. Miner, merchant, spy, or leader of a secret rebel organization, anything is possible. It remains to be seen whether you will have the funds and, above all, the skill to avoid crashing at the first interstellar trip.







Path of Exile

Most complete free hack’s slash on PC, Path of Exile is a whiff of nostalgia to consume in moderation. The possibilities of personalization are very, very extensive, and several characters are usually needed before one can find his way. To you, the hundreds of skills and builds available.






Team Fortress 2

Valve’s iconic shooter, Team Fortress 2, has long been one of the must-have free games of recent years. Even if the title has been overtaken in terms of numbers of players by other giants in the field, the Scout, the Pyro or The Spy will remain forever terms that will instantly remind your games on 2Fort.






Some of you may have spent your childhood exchanging Pokémon cards in recess classes or doing Yu-Gi-Oh card duels in the airy centers. Well, Hearthstone allows you to reconnect with cards of all kinds and especially, digital. Build your deck, face the other players, collect gold coins, and open card packs. Continue the Infernal spiral for a while and become world champion.






Heroes of the Storm

MOBA de Blizzard, Heroes of the Storm, takes back all the heroes of the American developer universes and places them directly on the battlefield. The emblematic characters of Diablo, WoW, and Overwatch, reunited in the same place with a single objective, to crush the opponents. HotS follows the rules of the classic MOBAs but with a blizzard sauce, with a few small additions.