When constructing a home, specific attention should be paid toward the type of soil upon which the foundation is laid. If the preparation of a construction site is not done properly, it can create foundation problems.


Typically a concrete slab poured over a primed area of ground that serves as the starting area for constructing the subsequent walls and ceilings is the foundation of a home. The soil type beneath the foundation can be different, but if it is a clay soil it absorbs moisture and it can damage the concrete due to expansion.


For keeping the foundations level and free from cracking you have some options. A helical pier supports the foundation by drilling a large screw down into the ground till you get a firmer earth. To allow the foundation to be leveled above, a bracket is then adhered to the screw.


Underpinning is a procedure in which the sunken soil holes beneath a foundation are filled with concrete for foundation leveling.