The word duvet has a French origin meaning ‘down’. Duvet covers are similar to comforters that are used particularly in the winter season to keep the heat down. These are more or less like comfortable bedspread or quilts that are used to cover the duvet beds. Duvet covers are soft blankets made with pieces of cloth woven together with supple fillings inside like down feathers, soft cotton or polyester. Duvet covers can be used to cover the quilts in correct sizes so that the quilt does not get sided up inside and helps in keeping the quilt clean. Damages to the quilt are prevented by putting it in a proper cover. Choices of material for duvet covers are wide ranging from microfibers, suede, silk and Egyptian cotton. These are also a great enhancement to the bedroom décor as it comes in most possible colors, designs and patterns. You can get the exact one that matches your taste and the style of your room.