Plantation shutters: add grace and style to your home

February 17, 2012  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Home Decor, Home Furnishings

When you sit down to think about the various decorating options for your home, you will have many to choose from depending on various prices and recommendations. Plantation shutters are a very good option if you do not want curtains to be installed for the windows. The good thing about these shutters is that they are pretty strong and long-lasting. They add style and grace because they are unique and do not easily get covered with dust.


If you succeed in choosing the right material, color, style and functioning of these plantation shutters, they will add elegance to the look of the window as well as the home. You need to very objective while choosing these shutters. Know what you exactly want and then search for them in the stores. Apart from providing an excellent look, the shutters provide extra privacy and keep your house cool by being a barrier for extreme sunrays entering the house.

Trimming your curtain fabric

January 17, 2011  //  Posted by: viewmybuild  //  Category: Home Decor, Home Furnishings

Though, most of the curtains are sold in standard lengths in the market, but if you intend to buy a curtain for your window, which doesn’t conform to the normal curtain size, then you may have to trim your curtain fabric.

However trimming curtains may be a difficult choice, especially, if you have never held a scissor. But, you can always follow few essential tips and do a fair job.

• Measure your curtain panel. If you want the panel to remain just above the floor, measure it accordingly. Do measure, when the panel is hung.

• Now lay the curtains and iron it before you trim.

• Mark the curtains from where you would like to cut, on either side, with a chalk. Connect the mark, and then use a scissor to trim the curtain along the mark.

• Once you finish trimming, fold the curtain ½ inches, and stitch again.

Testing your new mattress

January 17, 2011  //  Posted by: viewmybuild  //  Category: Home Furnishings

If you have decided to buy a new mattress, then there are few tips, you should wear up the sleeves, before you finally choose a mattress. It’s important to identify the kind of sleeping style you have, and then select a mattress.

• You should try and wear your sleeping suits and sleep the way you normally do in your bedroom. Then pick the best suitable mattress. Always select the one you are most comfortable with.

• A Mattress is as good as its firmness, your body should be amiably supported by the mattress and it should also provide a soothing effect on you. There’s no point in opting for a mattress, which doesn’t provide you with sound sleep.

Large families should purchase king size beds, but if you are single, even a full size mattress would be sufficient. Couples are however advised to pick queen size mattress.