During the winter, when large snowfall occurs, the sidewalks are completely covered with snow. Most of the time, the sidewalks are not cleared properly by the civic authority and this lead to some serious accidents, injuries and fractures to the people using the sidewalk. The main reason behind these is the tendency to slip on the snow that is deposited on the sidewalk.

However you can solve this problem simply by using salt, one of the most commonly available commodities. If you sprinkle some salt on the sidewalks, then it will bring down the temperature of the ice on the sidewalk. As a result the ice will melt easily without being deposited for a long time. Thus the chance of slipping on the ice is reduced to a greater level.

You wither sprinkle the salt on the sidewalks every time before it starts snowing. You can also start sprinkling the salt on the snow once it has been deposited. Wither way you can easily succeed in keeping side walk free from snow and ice.