Tips to care for your kitchen counter tops

June 04, 2013  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Kitchen Care

kitchen counter topsThe counter tops constitute a very important part of your kitchen. A lot of work is done on this counter top. The counter top of your kitchen can be made of either granite or marble or tiles. Proper care of the kitchen counter top should be taken.

Since a lot of work is done, the counter top is often subjected to stains. These stains act as a black mark in the appearance of the counter top. As soon as you spot any such stains on the counter top, immediately clean it. Use mild soapy solution which will not cause any damage to shine and the texture of the counter top.

Clean the counter top regularly and properly because very often you cut vegetables on the counter top or do other jobs during cooking. So it is necessary that the counter top be maintained clean and free from any germs.

Also if you spot any cracks at the joints of the slabs on your kitchen counter top, you should take immediate steps before it takes a serious form.

Choice of material for your kitchen counter top

July 28, 2012  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Kitchen Care

Material for kitchen countertops, kitchen counter topsThe most conventional material that are used for kitchen countertops are laminate and Formica. These were the choices in the earlier days but today, there are many choices of materials that ca n be sued for making kitchen countertops. The most popular materials are the hardwoods, granites and the quartz. These are the materials that can give a countertop that look very elegant.

Granite is a very good option for your kitchen countertops as they are very stylish and also quite durable. Quartz is also a very good material for kitchen countertops. They are non-porous, elegant and they are extremely hard. They are costlier than most of the other materials but they are very durable and since they are industry manufactured, they are made in a fashion that gives them only the good attributes. Another good material would be the corian countertops. There are a lot of options when it comes to the materials for kitchen

A Baker’s Rack to add class to your kitchen

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A kitchen should have everything in its place so that you don’t have to run to any other room to fetch anything that’s necessary for kitchen work. This brings in the importance of a baker’s rack. This rack not only adds style and flair to your kitchen but also can be used for unthinkable important functions. It is probably the single-most important furniture of the kitchen. It savors a lot of space in case you have a small kitchen. Having a baker’s rack won’t make you feel that your kitchen is small.

This rack can hold a lot of utensils and other important kitchen appliances as well. Some of the regularly used utensils or bottles might lie around in your kitchen and make your space look exhausted and unkempt. Storing these items on the rack will enable you to save a lot of space and be organized as well. There are drawers for holding kitchen gadgets and metal shelves that are adjustable along with an extra space just behind the double doors.

Tips to keep in mind while purchasing kitchen cupboards

September 14, 2011  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Kitchen Care

Are you planning to get a new cupboard for your kitchen? Well, purchasing the right kitchen cupboard is not an easy job. You have to make sure that the cupboard you purchase has adequate space and complements the overall design of your kitchen. Here are some tips that will help you to purchase the right kitchen cupboard. For starters, you should always go in for quality products. Kitchen cupboards take a good beating and cheap ones will get damaged faster.

A lot of kitchen cupboards are inappropriate for storing kitchen items that are too big or too long. This is precisely why you should have at least one kitchen cupboard that comes with slide-out drawers. This will help you to store oversized spoons and trays without much of a hassle. If you are on a shoe string budget you can opt for plain kitchen cupboards that have no turntables or built-in cup racks. You can always add these features later if you need them.

Different types of Faucets to choose from for your kitchen

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Kitchen faucets have become a very common part of kitchens nowadays. A kitchen will actually be incomplete without it. And why not have a proper kitchen faucet when you know how properly it serves its purpose, its presence in the kitchen is really required. Kitchen faucets previously served the purpose of only supplying water, but now it has become more and that also for your own advantage.

Faucets are available in various types and designs. You can easily have one that will suit the requirements of your kitchen individually and will also make it look beautiful. You will get faucets in different kinds of materials too like brass, plain or polished, stainless steel or copper. You have to be careful about the material’s quality to ensure so that it is not prone to scratches and corrosions. It is very important for any accessory to serve the purpose of functionality as well as decorative and the same goes for the kitchen faucets.

An overview of how to care for your copper kitchen sinks

February 15, 2011  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Kitchen Care

Copper is such a metal which is very lustorous and beautiful and at the same time it is also very sensitive as when it reacts with the different compounds in water and air it loses its sheen and original color. However you just need to take time out to clean the copper sink as caring for it is no rocket science, you would just need cleaners and chemicals. The things needed for cleaning the copper sink are mild soap, soft cloth, sponge and renaissance wax. Firstly you need to wet the sponge followed by scrubbing the surface of copper sink with the mild soap liquid. You have to ensure the basin is clean and also wipe it well with soft cotton cloth to make it dry completely. Once you are done with the cleaning, you can apply a coat of the renaissance wax to give it a sheen and finish.

Care for your kitchen cabinets and keep them as good as new for long

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If you want to make huge statements about your kitchen then beautiful looking cabinets is one way to do it. They serve as an accessory both in the functional manner and investment. The first step to achieve that is to clean the kitchen cabinets on a regular basis.

Once a month clean it with some mild dish washing detergent and warm water, use a sponge and wipe the cabinets with it.

Once you are done with it dry it well with soft cotton cloth. Remove the heavy grease from your kitchen cabinet by preparing a solution of ammonia and warm water. With the help of a sponge again scrub the grease and dirt away and wipe it off with a dry cloth. Avoid using any kind of an abrasive cleaner or scrubber as they tend to damage the finish. Never place any coffee pot on the counter top or under the kitchen as the steam causes it to warp.

Designing your custom kitchen

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Designing your kitchen may be a difficult process, especially if your apartment is a small one. Normally there’s not enough space to fix furniture in your kitchen. Therefore, it’s important to realize that the existing space should be used in the best possible manner.

The first step you need to take to design your kitchen is to find any unused space and fix furniture, ideal for the settings. Furniture, according to the size of the unused space would be the ideal choice. If you want to store produce, then install drawers in the kitchen. Drawers would help you to segregate items in your storage device, and also keeps the stuff sealed.

In case your kitchen has large storage spaces, you can also push lots of boxed items in the extra storage space. Buy kitchen furniture with lot of shelves and boxes, so that you can store many items in a small area. Compact furniture is a must for any Kitchen.