In all bodies of water, algae can cause a problem particularly in swimming pools. They can be of various colors such as yellow, green or black. Algae can raise the pH of the water by consuming oxygen in it. Regular preventive measures such as keeping the chlorine level and pH of the pool water balanced can stop the formation of algae.


1. The pool’s filter system should be cleaned to remove any excess algae.

2. A heavy dose of hypochlorite should be added to the pool water. The proportion should be 30 parts per million for shocking the system.

3. An algaecide should be added to the pool after waiting 24 to 48 hours so that the chlorine levels get balanced.

4. Dead algae should be vacuumed and skimmed from the pool. The shocking process should be repeated again if required.

5. A pH test should be done on the pool to check whether the water is balanced.