Wall décor is an integral part of home décor and when you revamp your house you need to pay special attention to how you decorate your walls. And to make your walls look absolutely stunning, you can opt for contemporary décor. Contemporary wall décor actually takes advantage of and uses stuffs that are readily available around you. It’s a wonderful way to customize and personalize your wall décor.

If you want tranquility in your room, you can opt for the Japanese serenity theme. Get a Japanese divider screen and paint the walls in dark, beautiful colors that will accentuate the contrast. For the contrast you can go in for bold, white Japanese characters. Choosing this theme for the walls of your study or reading room is a good idea. For your wall décor you can also go in for life-size paint sample card. This will mean you should make your wall look like a giant paint sample cards that’s available in paint stores.