Do you have a balcony and feel like it’s the best place in your home? Is your balcony utilized to its full? If no then it’s the time to spice your balcony a bit and make it more adorable and beautiful. Decorating a small balcony is a challenge and hence people face difficulty deciding what to do. Many of the people don’t get any idea out of confusion and hence leave their balcony bare only. But decorating a small balcony is not that difficult as you think, you just need to opt for the right tips and tricks. Just use some imagination and you will be able to decorate a small balcony and convert it from a bare place to a cozy retreat. Here are some of the easy yet creative ways to decorate a small balcony.

Small balcony gives big troubles

When you have big balcony, you can have many things altogether but on a contrary having a small balcony and decorating a small balcony can be a matter of challenge. You need to get to know your space whether you have a square balcony or long and skinny balcony. Shape of your balcony affects a lot while decorating your balcony. Thus know the structure of your balcony.

Check your wants

While decorating your balcony, you must check your wants as in what you actually want to see or have in your balcony. Say for example whether you want a visual delight or you want barbecue or just a comfortable sitting place to have silent and cozy time to be spent. Decorating a small balcony will not let you have all those things together so you have a pick one thing you desperately want and other things which can be put aside.

Check out the rules

Many of the landlords or the management company has a big list of rules specifying you what things you cannot do with your balcony. Hence before you take any step while decorating your balcony, you better ask them if it is allowed or they have any issue with that.

Give your balcony a touch of nature

While decorating a small balcony, you can consider transforming into a small garden of flower and herbs. Staying at a height in an apartment will make you far from the nature and hence you can create a mini garden in your balcony. You can plant beautiful flowering plants and also colorful perennials which will enhance the beauty of your balcony. Add a stool and a soft cushion and take the feel of sitting in a garden with delightful smell of flowers and colors spread all around.

Add lighting

While decorating a small balcony, you can also consider adding lighting to your space. With cozy sitting, if you have right type of lighting installed in your balcony, it gives you truly tremendous time to be spend in your balcony. You can sit back and chill and relax with your friends or have some nice conversation with your partner in your balcony.