Decorating a virtual bathroom could be a great fun and also a learning experience. Even if you don’t want to implement the designs of a virtual bathroom in your own bathrooms, still, designing a virtual bathroom online is a lot of fun.

• Start your decoration by selecting online virtual design program. Arrange-a-room would be a perfect choice.

• Virtual design programs require you to have plug ins installed. If you use Arrange-a-room, install shockwave and print-o-matic plug in.

• Now set the measurements. It doesn’t matter if you won’t implement the design, measurements get you a better idea of designing a bathroom, which can be put to use later.

• Always select a theme before you design.

• Decorate your virtual bathroom with floor tiles, and bathroom cabinets. You can put windows and doors in your bathroom.

• Finally get a print out for all the effort you had put in designing a virtual bathroom.