1. The dry grout powder and water should be mixed and stirred with a trowel in a clean bucket.

2. Any spacers you had placed between the tiles should be removed and cleaned away. A vacuum cleaner hose attachment can be used to remove all the grit.

3. The grout should be pushed into the space between the tiles, with your grout float, taking care that no air pockets are left. It should be applied to every side of the tile and any excess should be removed using your grout float.

4. Excess water should be squeezed out of your sponge and any grout should be wiped off that is higher than the grout space between your tiles.

5. The grout should be applied to the next section, while the previous section is allowed to dry and set up. The whole job is allowed to set up overnight. The job is finished by wiping down the tiles using a micro fiber cloth.