If you are suffering from the issue of ugly stains on your roof or having a roof full of debris then you might have researched various things to clean your roof and the results you got might be conflicting. Before hunting for the solutions to clean your roof, you must find the reasons as to why and how your roof is getting dirty. Basically you need to clean your roof when it is attacked by the stains and the things behind stains are algae, lichens and moss. Cleaning your roof becomes a necessity when it is attacked by these things. If you don’t clean your roof even after you inspect these things on your roof then it can damage your roof very badly. Here are some of the methods to clean your roof in an appropriate manner.

Low pressure, non-bleach, ecofriendly method for cleaning your roof

Those roof cleaning companies which make use of this method for cleaning your roof uses most of eco-friendly products to clean your roof. They use high grade products which do not contain any kind of toxic chemicals such as phosphates, chlorine and other harmful chemicals. These things can also harm your vegetation and it can also pollute your waterways. This method for cleaning your roof does not take into account brushing or high pressure scrubbing. This method gives you the ultimate result which is perfect and really quick. All the things which hindered you like lichens, moss algae all will be gone out of your roof even before your roofing contractor leaves your house. The result of this method for cleaning your roof is that quick so you would be clearly satisfied. Here use of eco-friendly products is done which are designed in such a way to clean your roof gently and in a safe manner. But there lays a disadvantage, this method is really expensive due to the use of high quality products instead of using cheap bleach and chlorine mixtures.

Chlorine and bleach roof cleaning method

This method of roof cleaning takes into account use of chemicals like sodium hypochlorite and trisodium phosphate which is also known as TSP. This mixture of chemicals is sprayed on the roof and it is left in the same situation so that it can dry out properly. After that it can applied as many times as needed. This method might not avail you with instant result. Lichens or moss or algae which do not go away instantly will go eventually with the rain water. Both methods for cleaning your roof is very easy and effective. You can try any of them and get the best results out of it. It depends upon the type of roof you have that which type of method you want to select for cleaning your roof.