Rugs form an important part in the interior decoration of any home. Not only décor, rugs provide comfort to your feet, especially during the winters. But maintenance of the rugs is also very important. If you are totally clueless how to keep your rugs dust free here are some tips that will surely benefit you. Firstly rugs should be cleaned on a daily basis. Dirt and dust have a tendency to accumulate between the linen of the rugs and damage them.

There are different types of rug cleaners available in the market. They are designed to clean different kinds of rugs. Using these cleaners at least three to four times a month will be helpful. Vacuum the rugs at least twice a week. Another good way to keep the rug away from dust is by removing the source of main dust. Place a floor mat at the entry of every room so that all the dust gets trapped in them and the rugs remain clean.