We all like to refresh our home’s décor from time to time, whether it’s changing things up from winter to summer or just doing an occasional reboot to keep things interesting. But redecorating can be so expensive, it’s easy to feel like it’s a project too big to take on.

Luckily, there are actually a lot of little tweaks you can do around the house that can give your rooms new life and personality—all without breaking the bank. Try these ideas on for size:

Throw pillows. Throw pillows come in every pattern and color imaginable and are a great way to quickly switch up the feel of a room. Whether they’re on your sofa, your bed, or that window seat on your staircase landing, changing out throw pillows from time to creates new pops of color that can evoke a whole new mood. (It’s best to keep your main pieces of furniture neutral colors so that you can try as many different pillow combos as possible.)

Slipcovers. Is your sofa super-comfy but showing signs of its age? Rather than buying a whole new piece, if the structure of your sofa and chairs are in good shape, slipcovers can easily make them look new again. And, as an added bonus, many slipcovers are washable, which can be a huge help if you’ve got kids and pets (or someone spills something at a party).

Duvet cover, Home decorDuvet covers. Like slipcovers, duvet covers are an easy way to redo your bedroom with one simple switch. Instead of buying a new comforter every time you get tired of the look of your bed, buy a high-quality duvet insert and change covers when your tastes change. As with slipcovers, duvet covers are more convenient to clean because they can usually fit inside a standard top-loading washing machine, unlike bulky comforters that often require a front-loader or a trip to the Laundromat. Your bed is such a central part of your bedroom that giving it a new look can breathe new life into the whole room.

Rearrange furniture. If you really want your home to feel different, try rearranging the way your furniture is grouped. Not only will the room take on a whole new look, but you’ll experience the room differently, too. Maybe you’ll get a new view of the garden with your sofa on one wall instead of the other. Maybe changing around the furniture in your family room will make the room seem twice as big. For bonus points, try swapping furniture from different rooms for greater variety.

Accessories. As with throw pillows, accessories can quickly give a room a different personality with minor expense. Try some new vases, wall art, lamps, or figurines in a different color scheme or style. Mix genres like classic and contemporary for a truly personalized, designer feel. The more the décor in your home reflects you and your personality, the more even subtle changes will look like a professional design scheme!