Single-hole faucets having a clean base line can be mounted to any sink or counter.


1. The water pipe valves should be closed under the sink by turning them clockwise.

2. The old faucet should be removed by unscrewing the nut from the bracket underneath the faucet at the base of the mounting hole. Using a pair of plumbing pliers, the faucet hoses should be disconnected from the water pipes by turning them counterclockwise and the faucet should be removed from the sink’s hole.

3. The faucet hoses and base should be inserted into the mounting hole in the sink. The bracket, washer and nut should be placed over the faucet’s base under the sink mounting hole and the nut should be tightened.

4. The faucet hoses should be connected to the hot and cold water pipes by attaching the connectors to the ends of the pipes and turning the connectors to the right.