Building your own carport as not as difficult as you think, you just need to put some real efforts and you will be availed with your own carport. The difficult thing is not building your carport; it is choosing one of the types of carports from different types of carport. Don’t just pick any types of carports, do some research and pick the one which suits your home the best. Installing one of the types of carports in your home is a great value addition at the present stage and also at the time of resale. Thus pick one of the types of carport very carefully. Here are some of the types of carports to opt for.

Extension garage

If you want to for types of carports which is permanent in nature and along with that you are also having a nice and huge lawn space in your home then you can go for extension garage. This is one of the types of carports which are best suited to the home with big space. These types of carports are made up of concrete and they will definitely prove right choice and stand with the test of time and even natural elements. Your current garage must be extended by at least eight meters and attach some of the plastic or polycarbonate sheets so that it can be served as roof. Try if the style of your extension garage can be matched up with the rest of your home.

Party tents

Party tents are usually those types of carports which are large enough to cover whole of your car. These types of carports are very light weighted and thus they can be carried easily from one place to another. These are portable carports and hence if you keep on moving from one to place then this would be perfect types of carports for your home. The poles of the party tents are made up from the polyethylene and the cover is made up from single polyester sheet. These types of carports are mot from the one which gives best look and is strong and durable but yes they are really very easy to install.

Aluminum carports

Aluminum carports are just like the cousins of prefabricated metal carports. But here instead of using galvanized steel, aluminum rods are used as frame. By using aluminum rods, these carports are more light weighted and also they are more durable as compared to that of party tent carports. If you want for something which is easy to relocate and still it is sturdy and durable than party tent carport then you can go for aluminum carport.

Prefabricated metal carports

Prefabricated metal carports are the types of carports which are made up of galvanized steel. These are usually semi-permanent attachment to your home. These types of carports are very much durable, they can stand very well in extreme weather conditions and they can last for many years after installation.