Your chairs may have grown old, but still, you are in no mood to part away your precious chair. It must have been an expensive one when you bought it, the paints have faded away, and it looks sloppy now.

You need a paint to make it look more attractive, and possibly to have a newer look.

Follow the few steps listed below to paint stripes on your chair.

• Start your proceedings by washing your chair with water and soap. After this allow the surface to dry.

• If this is the first paint on a chair, you can use a primer, otherwise leave out primer.

• Choose paint colour and use high gloss latex paint to put stripes on the chair.

• Take the help of painters tape and a chalk to mark the stripes. Use a paint brush to apply paint on the surface, between the two tapes, to create stripes.

• Leave the tape for at least 24 hours to have the best effect.