Lacquered furniture has always been in great demand, as they are considered to last much longer. They are also very easy to maintain, and do not cost additional maintenance expenditure for the owner.

Painting lacquered furniture is difficult, as repainting glossy furniture does not help a great deal. The paint fades away very fast, still there are few tried and tested ways to paint lacquered furniture.

Here are they.

• Use 220grit sandpaper to peel glossiness off the surface.

• Wash with soap and water to finish the cleaning process. Use towel and let the furniture dry.

• Use stain blocking primer before you paint the lacquered surface. A stain blocking primer is essential to protect wood against stains but you need to let it dry.

• Once you are done with primer, use oil based paint to paint the lacquered furniture. Use two coats of paint to finish the painting process.