1. The bathroom walls should be cleaned with trisodium phosphate which is a general cleanser and a sponge.

2. Painter’s tape should be stuck to trim or bathroom fixtures that you don’t want to paint.

3. Bonding primer should be applied to the laminate surfaces starting at the edges. After completing the edges, a medium-nap roller should be used for applying bonding primer to the laminate wall surfaces. Bonding primers adhere best to glossy surfaces like laminate, glass and ceramic. The primer should be allowed to dry before you start the painting.

4. The laminate bathroom walls should be painted using oil-based interior paint. Oil-based paint should be used to prevent moisture damage. The edges should be painted first with a brush, then using a medium-nap roller for main surfaces.

5. A second coat of paint should be applied if bare patches are seen after the first coat has dried.