Removing Paint from Cast Iron

1. The iron item should be sandblasted with abrasive grit to remove thick layers of paint.

2. A chemical paint-remover such as methylene chloride or potassium hydroxide should be applied. They should be spread over the painted areas; a putty knife and a brush should be used to work them into cracks and crevices. The remover should be allowed to sit on the paint.

3. The paint and paint remover should be removed off the iron with a rag or a scouring pad.

4. The iron item should be painted with an anti-corrosive primer immediately after cleaning and drying.

Stripping Rust from Cast Iron

1. The rusted surface should be rubbed with mineral spirits with a rag.

2. Rusted areas should be scrubbed with steel wool or a piece of sandpaper wrapped around a wooden block and wiped with a clean rag.

3. The scrubbed areas should be dried completely before applying any paint or polish.