1. Holding the sheet of paper up to the bottom of the post the outline of the post should be traced on it and should be cut.

2. It should be positioned on the concrete floor where you want to place the post and the paper shape should be traced.

3. An “X” should be drawn in the center through the penciled outline on the concrete.

4. An L bracket is positioned on each of the extended lines from the “X,” and a mark is made on the floor in the bracket holes.

5. A hole is drilled into the concrete using the hammer drill on each of the four guides.

6. The logs are positioned into place according to the traced outline on the floor and the brackets are placed back on the extended lines from the “X.”

7. The first concrete anchor is installed into an L bracket to secure it to the floor.

8. The log post is lined up in level and a lag screw is inserted through the hole in the bracket and into the post.

9. The steps are repeated to attach each L bracket.