Shingling your roof on your own can save money.


Laying Felt and Flashing

1. Nail one strip of tar paper along the bottom edge of your roof, spaced every 12 inches, along each edge of the felt.

2. A second strip of felt paper should be rolled out farther up the roof from the first overlapping the top edge of the first by two inches. It should be nailed in place and rolling out should be continued till you reach the top of the roof.

3. One layer of felt should be nailed over the ridge line of your roof.

4. A strip of flashing is nailed along the edge of your roof, nestled tightly.

Laying Shingles

1. One tabless shingle is nailed in the corner of your roof.

2. A second tabless shingle is nailed next to the first. Nailing tabless shingles is continued till you reach the edge.

3. A full shingle is set in place above the first row, overlapping by 5 inches and nailed.

4. Laying shingles and nailing them in place is continued in layers till you reach the roof top.