Are you still living with white boring walls? Stop living like that and get your room painted. Painting your room is one of the simplest ways to make your room look more beautiful and appealing. Good paint colors can change your mood and interior look of your way. So here are few things which you should know before you get your room painted.

Make a difference by prepping your room

It’s easy to paint your room if it is empty. So if possible make your room empty while painting. If not totally, then try to move at least big pieces of furniture to the centre of the room. Take care to cover this furniture with either old sheets or drop cloth. Clean your walls before painting it as there is a layer of dust, dirt and oil build on the wall. Although it seems to be useless, but removing this dirt before painting will allow the paint to adhere to the wall. Cover the light switch, outlet cover, window trim and floor with drop cloth, newspaper or a roll of paper.

Test the paint color

It is really very tough to decide how a particular color will look on your wall. So it’s better to take a sample of color you like try it and then decide whether to apply it on whole or not. Before finalizing the color, let the applied color dry, then observe it properly in day and night time which will give you a better idea of how color will look on your wall. If you are confused between different colors then do the same with each color and decide afterwards. You would be glad to see which color you liked and thought it to look good and which color actually looks good.

Allow color into your life

Some people think that color can be overpowering for the room and due to this fear they go for white, beige or off white. Try out some colors in your room it will let you get a good feeling while you enter your room. Choice of colors depends upon the size and interior of your room. For example if you have big room with large ceiling than you can use dark colors which adds to the texture and depth to the space. On the contrary if you have small room with less natural light then you can go on with light and bright colors which can make the space look larger and brightens the room. Thus take out the fear of colors and try on something which can make you surprised.

Concentrate on the finish you choose

It may surprise you but it’s not only the color which enhances your room. There are also some other factors like finish or seen which also affects the room along with color. For durability and easy clean you can opt for high gloss paint finishes. But it also has a drawback that the imperfections of your wall will be highlighted by this finish. While if you opt for flat paint finish it will hide these imperfections, but it also suspects to damage. Thus the best possible output will be an egg shell finish. It does not highlight imperfections, does not opt to damage, it’s easy to clean and it also provide some gloss.