The counter tops constitute a very important part of your kitchen. A lot of work is done on this counter top. The counter top of your kitchen can be made of either granite or marble or tiles. Proper care of the kitchen counter top should be taken.

Since a lot of work is done, the counter top is often subjected to stains. These stains act as a black mark in the appearance of the counter top. As soon as you spot any such stains on the counter top, immediately clean it. Use mild soapy solution which will not cause any damage to shine and the texture of the counter top.

Clean the counter top regularly and properly because very often you cut vegetables on the counter top or do other jobs during cooking. So it is necessary that the counter top be maintained clean and free from any germs.

Also if you spot any cracks at the joints of the slabs on your kitchen counter top, you should take immediate steps before it takes a serious form.