Though, most of the curtains are sold in standard lengths in the market, but if you intend to buy a curtain for your window, which doesn’t conform to the normal curtain size, then you may have to trim your curtain fabric.

However trimming curtains may be a difficult choice, especially, if you have never held a scissor. But, you can always follow few essential tips and do a fair job.

• Measure your curtain panel. If you want the panel to remain just above the floor, measure it accordingly. Do measure, when the panel is hung.

• Now lay the curtains and iron it before you trim.

• Mark the curtains from where you would like to cut, on either side, with a chalk. Connect the mark, and then use a scissor to trim the curtain along the mark.

• Once you finish trimming, fold the curtain ½ inches, and stitch again.