Simple cabins are built to shelter themselves from the elements using whatever materials are easily available.


Site Preparation and Foundation

1. Clear the building site using ax, chainsaw, pry bar, pick and shovel. After measuring cabin dimensions they are marked on the ground.

2. With a pick and shovel a foundation trench is dug and filled with cement.

Build the Cabin

1. After laying the first logs on all sides, they are connected at the corners with saddle notches. The floor joists are installed and walls are raised.

2. Windows and door openings are created. Using a full-length beam at the top and keeping the sides aligned at these openings with scrap lumber or vertical logs a frame is formed. Roof rafters and joists are installed when the walls are finished.

3. Boards are placed across joists for floor. Split-cedar shingles are made with ax and nailed to roof frame. Windows are installed and planks are nailed to cross braces to create a door.