In construction Styrofoam panels and polyurethane or urethane panels are used for insulation.


Styrofoam and urethane panels are both resistant to heat and cold, but the R-value of urethane products is higher R-value than the Styrofoam boards with reference to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).


Some of the insulating properties of Urethane panels are lost over the first few years, reducing their R-Values. However, if Urethane panels are treated with a radiant barrier coating, like thin aluminum sheets glued to the panels, they retain more resistance for a long time. The boards provide the highest levels of insulation although Urethane and Styrofoam are available in liquid form and also as beads.


As buildings tightly are sealed tightly by Urethane and Styrofoam panels the air infiltration is lower, lowering heating and cooling costs. The panels can also be easily installed by construction workers, so that the labor costs are reduced for builders.